Yours musically... Shane.


 Great news! I've started using a new feature called 'Chipin'! It allows people to donate to projects they consider worthy ... namely my new album being released next year!!

So you'll notice the little button on the homepage of my website ... easy instructions to follow. Now to get the word out!!!!!!! please promote it amongst your friends / facebook contacts. Together we'll get this project done!!!




Well ...  this is a positive step in the RIGHT direction ... a one-stop shop for everything Shane!

Organising one's career via a website is somewhat humbling. When all is collated onto the screen, it seems unfathomable that so little can occupy so much time in the day!!

I guess now that it's coming together in this format, I can start to grow 'it' more, upskill, dream a little and perhaps celebrate what has already come to pass.

I'm no intellectual giant so won't pontificate anymore! This site is simply to keep in contact with those that appreciate what I offer, as a solo guitarist performer, teacher, writer and recording artist ... and human becoming!!

Welcome and enjoy